Nathan Nader - Front End Web Developer


I'm Nathan.

A native Wisconsinite finding home in Michigan

Over the years, my career has let me develop websites and web-based solutions for dozens of different industries and hundreds of clients. From small budget informational websites to eCommerce platforms that generate millions in revenue annually, every project developed unique challenges and needed creative solutions.

My career started out in graphic design and marketing with little school-based education on web technologies. Working in marketing agencies exposed me to cutting edge, modern designs and offered the challenges to implement the designs by hand. Receiving a layout and getting the question of "is this possible" was commonplace; always thinking out of the box and learning how to implement intricate designs is still one of the most rewarding aspects in web development.

Check out some of my favorite past projects; feel free to contact me!


My favorites over the years.

Igor Inc.

Belin McCormick, P.C.

ASK Resources

Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance

Concrete Now

Accu-Pour Office


Jung Seed

Reis Automotive


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